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Shipping and Transport:

ARM has the ability to transport large aircraft or small parts to multiple destinations in the United States and abroad. Transportation methods include shipment on flat bed 18 wheel trucks, small part airborne parcel shipment and large part dismantling for ground or air transport. Care for your equipment is the number one concern for ARM transportation.
Shipping and Transport

Aircraft Restoration:

ARM lives up to its name by restoring unusable Aircraft to proper flying condition. ARM has certified technicians on its staff to ensure that planes that were no longer able to safely fly can once again haul people, equipment and other gear to destinations around the world.
Aircraft Restoration

Aircraft Storage:

Aircraft Storage is one of ARM's specialties. No place in the world is better to store metal and airplanes than Tucson, Arizona, and no place in Tucson is better to store your aircraft than at ARM's 30 acre storage facility.
Aircraft Storage

Aircraft Parts:

If you are looking for a hard to find aircraft part to repair your airplane call Terry Shelton at ARM. If we do not have the part, we have extensive industry contacts and are usually able to fill your needs quickly. Many customers have also found alternative use for our parts such as Artwork and Landscape material. You can find pictures of such uses in our ARM Pictures Page or by following some of our partner's links.
Aircraft Parts

Other Uses:

ARM also supports customers who are seeking alternative uses for Aircraft parts. These uses include films sets, props and artwork. We've supported such films as Cliffhanger, Spy's Like Us, Tank Girl, Armageddon and the BBC documentary Vipers.
Other Uses

Aircraft Restoration and Marketing (ARM)
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